Matthew Luck Galpin

2013 September, October - Matthew Luck Galpin is guestwolf working with Wolf in the Winter at Modern Art Oxford, Dorchester Abbey and Fierce Festival Birmingham.

“I am looking for the possible meanings latent in materials and phenomena through the relationship between performance, installation, the manifest, the relic. I work in the realm of poetic space just outside the reach of understanding. This idea of ‘beyond measure’ intrigues me. I’m drawn toward potency through the coming together of matter and time, allowing intuition to work the syntax of stuff. An idea is true within doing. Found by chance, by interruption and risk.”

MLG is currently the Leverhulme Artist in Residence in the CDT, Theory and Simulation of Materials, Department of Particle Physics at Imperial College. 2013 - 2014
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photo: Nils Kenninck 

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