3 - 4 October 2013 - Blind leading the blind The wolves in Birmingham at Fierce Festival performing two different venues. GROUP PERFORMANCE - at Edible East Side, Birmingham - Fierce Festival Photographs:  
3 - 4 October 2013 - Blind leading the blind The wolves in Birmingham at Fierce Festival performing two different venues. SOLO'S at AE HARRIS a former steel forging factory, Birmingham - Fierce Festival Video registrations by Kate Rowles Photographs:  
29 September 2013 - second event in the tour Blind leading the blind of Wolf in the Winter

7,8 October 2011 - ERUPTIO 9! - Mendicant - a new meeting with works of three of us wolves and a guestwolf! Brian Catling, Aaron Williamson, Anet van de Elzen, guestwolf Sinéad O'Donnell
Working in Sfantu George and in the Carpates, on location
Performance festival at 24 - 26 september in Amsterdam
check it out www.tobepresent.nl
Jessie Kleemann, our guest wolf, invited The Wolf in The Winter to come and perform in Greenland in 2003. Our first performances were in the Katuaq Cultural Centre in Nuuk and during the following week we performed in the more remote area of Sissimiut.  
At the Launch of Aaron Williamsons' new book
There were arabesque figures with unsuited limbs and appointments. There were delirious fancies such as the madman fashions. There was much of the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of the bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which might have excited disgust.  
August 2005 - Wolf in the Winter performs: Imperceptible, the earth rings
On the 26th of December 2004, a tsunami caused destruction of an apocalyptic scale along the coasts of Asia and Africa.  
August 2003, Wolf pedlar Wolf in the Winter returns...
both to ‘s-Hertogenbosch and to the idea of the itinerant stalker. The lone creature slinking in to the activities at the centre of the city.  
4 to 9th of May 2002 - Die Wülfe curated by Anet van de Elzen The week of performances started on monday with the opening of Jessie Kleemann, Tuesday the 6  
Februari 2002 - invitation for the wolves to make new work in Glasgow. Nigel Slight as guest wolf, bringing a wilder, older and more unpredictable feral presence inside the pack.  
In medieval Northern Europe January and February were savage months for those outside the sanctums of the cities. Food became scarce in the freezing birth of a new year.  
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