Boulevard, 's-Hertogenbosch

August 2003, Wolf pedlar
Wolf in the Winter returns...

both to ‘s-Hertogenbosch and to the idea of  the itinerant stalker. The lone creature slinking in to the activities at the centre of the city. But in this case not hidden while seeking its pray. Instead the wolves come in the disguise of natural outsiders: Tinkers, beggars, buskers, pedlars, thieves, rouges, vagabonds and travelling players. Outcast who during a festival are allowed a place at the edge.

The secret is, that it is not known whether they are giving or taking. So enigmatically visceral is their presence. Working the hot summer fringe 
of the Boulardvards Festival, which is centred in the cathedral square. In this potent atmosphere of much older times. The ghost of Hieronymus can be felt at our sides, watching our miniature Mystery Plays. (see HIERONYMUS: A MODEST PROPOSAL). We work the rim of the event in shifts. Occupying the ground for a day each then sharing a half day and passing the pitch onto the next wolf. Thus offering a modest shape shifting presence of great uncertainly to the crowds who pass by. Who are confused, entertained, amused, shocked and bewildered by our pilgrimage of side-shows.


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