Württemburgischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

4 to 9th of May 2002 - Die Wülfe
curated by Anet van de Elzen

The week of performances started on monday with the opening of Jessie Kleemann, Tuesday the 6 wolves performed individually, Wednesday as a pack, Thursday Guestwolf Kurt Johannessen did a solo performance and on Friday Anet van de Elzen closed the week with a solo performance.

The pack pictures were made during this week, by Allard Willemse.
Verena Wunderle was guest to the pack

on the opening night Jessie Kleemann from Greenland performed
secund night of individual wolf performances
All wolves which were present in Stuttgart! Mai 2002
third night; wednesday: pack night
Soloperformance on Thursday night
Closing performance - Der Engel, requiem
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