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By Christine Hoffmann Die Raum-Ereignisse der Performance: Brenngläser, in denen ein Moment Welt geschieht. Sie stellt eine wie auch immer absonderliche Wirklichkeit her, in der sich ein Spiel vollzieht.  
Denys Blacker. Madremanya, 2006 In Aesops tale, "The Wolf and the Dog", a hungry wolf, discouraged after an unsuccessful day of hunting, comes upon a well-fed mastiff.  
not lonesome - family-bindings , based on something nessesery, following inner judges, moving away from human being- so- dangerous, knowing the aim, wearing it in the bride back.  
There is not much left of the visionary master in the modern city. One grey dismal statue marks a weight in the central square. A forlorn figure holding the wrong kind of palette stares over the hurrying populace.The master works of the most imaginative narrative painter who ever lived now adorn galleries across the world.  
CHARISMA - South London Gallery I wear a shiny light suit and a gormless gaping expression, reflectively exaggerating the audience's interest in me. Clumsily attempting to be charismatic and reaching for transcendence through style, I sniff at and lick my suit before proceeding to chew and bite it off.  
'The Wolf & the Winter' Performance Festival February 7 – 10th 2001, Milkfabriek Gallery, s'Hertogenbosch, NL A room’s worth of budget furniture - table, chairs, lampstand and bunkbed – stood in the street in a domestic formation as if a cabin’s walls had peeled away, exposing them to the winter.  
Performance: Nuuk and Sisimiut, Greenland, May 2003 as part of the ‘Wolf in the Winter’. ‘Ice Mitten’ was performed for small audiences of Inuit people in Nuuk, (Greenland’s capital), and in Sisimiut, a small town inside the Arctic Circle.  
Performance: La Bisbal, Spain, September 2005. ‘The Wolf in the Winter’. The ‘Wolves’ assembled in rural Spain, incongruously camped out on loungers beside the pool at a hacienda, wrapped around in sunshades, sipping sangria, braving the heat and occasionally testing the water.  
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