not lonesome - family-bindings , based on something nessesery, following inner judges, moving away from human being- so- dangerous, knowing the aim, wearing it in the bride back.
known or unknown backsides are not existing, only the unknown places - there from the wolves go foward - in areas, everybody beliefed in there shureness - coming up - hundrets of murders in a secret communikation. No aim- only the presence in the occupied territory
the feed always keeping clean from the rubbish.
they are not destroyable- not by rooms, keeping away or shooting.
magic of getting together belongs to the hundret year old knowledge of beautiful, powerful kind of being.

fixing point of human wishes- you cant get them - the mixure of watchable power and endless colour - yellow eyes

fear of a wolve doesnt mean going back - following the aim only stops by loosing the live - death, woundings - a real offer for the princip of power
the surch is not for food
Hunger is one mor step on the way to total autonomie - kein Wahn - no Reflexion

the Werwolf is the projection of the danger of autonomie - the danger grows up into endless power - but the people try to surch - what could they do - what might be impossible (witches and so on)
the projection of fear always includes the own death.
The werwolfe is in opposite to that a new quality. The neigbour is a possible part of it - the wolve or the picture of it is anywhere  - and always there
The old fear of the uncontrolleble, the open, dark space.

No man lives with the wolve - there is no bridge.
Only the moment in winter - in the middle of the town. The first mind belongs to the nice house - dog. The second to the old stories. But now - in the silence of being neugierig - the view is going for the administration, the police or whatever.
Loosing body - control - seeing the banality and brutallity of the wolve. Destroying or taking away the backyards is the reaction
Versuchte Demütigung by prison and showing the animals in Käfigen - but the Gitter and the walls are not enough at night. The moon is enough to destroy the selfconfidence in getting the total win.
20 white wolves in the Leipzig zoopark start to howl - in the afternoon- without any sign before- its 17 o clock-- visitors stand still - looking at the watch- dürfen sie denn ?
is the wall shure?
What are they going to do? - where is the trick, where the aggression?

Taking the power by paintings, fotos and descriptions - bringing the animal mouthgerecht for the meal.
But the shock at the direct contact:

in the south rodopi in Bulgaria the famous hunter is proud of showing the heads of three hunted wolves. Next night the Esel becomes a victom of the wolves- and the hunter a victom of the labile believe of the village people. 
The wolve smells the fear - and becomes more powerfull with every little taste of it.

Destroying the wolves sets the humans free. if not- the chance is the Psycho - Therapie - where is the Fell - where are the teeth - are they sharp - die plötzliche Rauheit der Stimme - oder still den langen Weg laufen, bis die Füße wund sind, der Magen leer, die Augen gelb

Ralf wendt 2002



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