In medieval Europe. January and February were called the season of the wolf. The cold would drive them from the sanctum of the forest into the townships to forage for food and shelter. We a group of solo performance artist have taken their name, coming together in different places to make a pack.


Brian Catling † 26 September 2022
Kirsten Norrie lives and works from Scotland. Her live art pieces are engaged with metaphysical and physical mass and also with an interest in human anatomy and the imagination.  
Anet van de Elzen, lives on the island of Texel, also working in her studio in Amsterdam.  
Aaron Williamson Born 1960 As an artist my engagement with performance, objects, place and space is entirely transformed through the experience of becoming profoundly deaf over the course of some twenty years.  
Denys Blacker born in London, at the present moment lives and works in Spain. She has been making live art work for over 20  
Ralf Wendt lives and works in Halle/S.- E.Germany. His works surround situations of ill communications - He is trying to deconstruct codes and methods of different languages, spoken, written language and gestures.  
co-founder of Wolf In The Winter, brought them together for the first time, sharp eye and nose for unique types of energy, wild and undiscovered  
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